IPTVx Samsung Smart TV App

IPTVx is an English version of nStreamLmod and all credit for the great work goes to FIOKOM.
The main purpose of widget is to watch IPTV or WebTV from the Internet on the BIG TV screen.  The playlist could be loaded from a local or remote server, or directly from USB drives... On top of that, there is a support for EPG from different channel providers and Weather Forecast for European Capital Cities. IPTVx supports following type of the streams: "rtmp", "udp", "mms", "rtsp", "hls", "http", "ts" IPTVx also supports the playback all types of the media files supported by your TV.  It allows to use your own M3U or XML playlists and make for the most flexible widget experience possible!!!
Create and manage your own playlists and load them to your Smart TV to watch on the big TV screen! M3U and XML files supported.
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Specially designed DIY XMLTV EPG generator helps to create the playlist with channel logo and program synopsis for channels without EPG. 
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Enjoy video file playback without leaving the App. Get control with the search and films rating from IMDB.
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IPTVx app will work as Technology Demo with your own playlist from your chosen OTT provider
IPTV panel playlists
Load M3U playlists from remote IPTV panels like Xtreme Codes - directly via embedded parser or via pastebin.com
RSS Feeds
Read latest News about Politics, Economy and Sports, Showbiz and Technology. World News via RSS feeds. Multilingual support
Check Electronic Program Guide with build in EPG parser. Supported country SKY UK, SKY Italy, Greek and Russia. More via DIY EPG generator.
YouTube Videos
Search and Playback YouTube video clips without leaving the IPTVx App. Huge choice of tutorials, music and entertainment
VOD and 3D Films
Play your Favourite films from local Plex server or NAS storage with full control of the playback: play/stop, pause, rewind and fast-forward
Multi audio track
Change audio track to different language when media source contains multiple audio language tracks (file or stream)
Does it support other TV brands?

IPTVx designed with Samsung SDK for Smart TVs and will not work on other brands like LG, Sony or Panasonic etc.

Which Smart TV models supported?

Currently, IPTVx supports Samsung TV models from year 2010~2015 series: C = 2010 D = 2011 E = 2012 F = 2013 H = 2014 L = 2015 ..some

How to install IPTVx on Tizen?

The simplest installation via USB memory stick... It was tested and working on Tizen OS Smart TVs J-series with firmware 1410~1412. After firmware upgrade 1422 or higher this method will not work [more info]

Can I load my own playlist?

Yes, that is a main purpose of the IPTVx App. Supported playlist file extensions are .m3u and .xml
You may load them via USB memory stick or via network connection, using the link to your local or remote server. In addition, you may load playlist from remote IPTV panel like Xtreme Codes, for example:


Can I Watch IPTV Anywhere In The World?

Yes, you can watch IPTV from anywhere in the world but you will need to make sure your internet speed is above 3Mbps to watch the channels without any issues.

Why some channels stop after few seconds?

It could be an issue with low bandwidth of Internet connection, in most cases, when TV connected via WiFi. In addition, the service provider may limit simultaneous connections down to one client at the time, so when second connection established - it will drop in few seconds as someone already watching that channel.

How to playback RTMP streams?

To play RTMP links in your playlist you have to add &id= in the front of the stream name. For example, link rtmp://stream-server.com:1935/live/stream-name in the playlist will be rtmp://stream-server.com:1935/live/&id=stream-name

Why channel logo shows box with a question mark?

Link to the channel logo pointed to missing file or request timed out

How to start playlist from USB automatically?

Connect your USB to TV, then start IPTVx and wait for popup window disappears (or press Enter) - press [SOURCE] button to get access to your USB and take a note of the mounted device - it should be something like - mounted: sda1 - Go back to main menu and press [TOOLs] button (to access Settings). - Change start.xml to following link: /dtv/usb/sda1/nStream.xml or /dtv/usb/sda1/your_playlist_name.m3u make sure that your playlist file in the root of the USB drive and called the same as in the link... - Restart the app and it should start from playlist on USB

Why am I getting Access denied page?

The version of installed IPTVx App maybe too old. Otherwise, those portals only available for users supported our project

How to become VIP member?

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