IPTVx supports two type of playlist files - XML and M3U

XML playlists have an advantage as allowed to create web-like description field using CDATA. It can load in-build EPG or simple web page in iframe tag. Also, you may link channel to another playlist using playlist_url tag   [example in red box number 1] Playback of the channel or video file will use the link between stream_url tags [example in the box number 2] Please note, that folders or links to another playlists could be only created in XML file, not in M3U Regarding Samsung supported formats and codecs, please follow this link

Here is a tag description:

  • items - beginning and end of the whole playlist - everything else goes between those tags [required]
  • playlist_name - playlist name [optional]
  • category - category tag contained title and ID as followed [optional]
  • category_title - name of category
  • category_id - N# category channel belongs to
  • channel - channel tag - all info about channel goes here [required]
  • title - name of the channel or the playlist [required]
  • stream_url - stream URL [required]
  • playlist_url - link to playlist [required]
  • description - info that goes to the right side window - could be a basic web page (no javascript) in the iframe tag [optional]
  • logo_30x30 - link to icon or channel logo, if empty - will be replaced with default
  • size - screen size (0 - 4) [optional]
  • audiotrack_num - N# of the audio track [optional]
  • buffer - force buffer settings (0.5 ~ 20 (Mb)) [optional]
  • ibuffer - how much to buffer before start the playback (10 ~ 60 (%)) [optional]
  • timeshift - change time for Yandex EPG (+/- 12 hours) [optional] only for Russian EPG

Example of the extended M3U playlist structure:

#EXTM3U #EXTINF:-1, Channel NAME 1
#EXTINF:-1, Channel NAME 2 


Here is the post which explains how to create M3U playlist with VLC media player. Supported optional M3U playlist tags:
  • tvg-shift - time shift for EPG (only for Yandex)
  • tvg-logo - link to icon or channel logo
  • tvg-name - channel name (used to parse XMLTV EPG)
An example with channel logo and XMLTV EPG:
#EXTINF:0 tvg-shift=0 tvg-logo="http://epg.ignorelist.com:8881/epg/epg_uk/50000/logos/16.png" tvg-name="epg_url:epg.ignorelist.com:8881/epg/teleguide.php|50000|BBC1East", BBC 1 East STREAM URL here