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What is IPTV?

IPTV is a digital television broadcasting re-transmitted via Internet by IPTV operator, typically from satellite. More often, traditional broadcast has being replaced by IPTV delivery via CDN (Content Distribution Network) reducing the cost and expanding World Wide coverage.

IPTV on the Internet is also called OTT (Over-The-Top) or Internet TV.
IPTV can be distributed locally as cable TV (within the network of a specific provider) and often used in the Hotel business and Hospitals.

Technically to organize the relay is very simple, resulting in a large number of so-called “free” playlists containing relay created by ordinary users.

The viability of such playlists is very low due to a number of factors. First of all, to each receiver IPTV stream requires 1-2 Mbps of traffic, this means that the source of the outbound channel at 100 Mbps will not be able to handle high-quality distribution for more than 50-100 users at a time. That’s why the re-transmission of those channels is often “brakes”, especially in the evening hours.

In addition, the IPTV operator can always block the user who illegally rebroadcasting their content. In the end, this kind of playlists are working for a very short period of time, usually no more than few days…

The developers of IPTVx do not endorse the use of illegal content within the application and do not provide technical support for it.

Our Dev Team do not advertise or recommend the services of any of the operators and leaves the question of the choice of the service provider entirely at the users discretion.

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