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Smart TVs will soon become even smarter, as they will be equipped with artificial intelligence

Television companies said at CES that Smart TV would add artificial intelligence. Thanks to this, users will have the opportunity to re-engage with TV.

At the last exhibition, the role of the main trend among companies specializing in the production of television sets was played by voice control. If it is possible to bring all ideas to the production level, then pretty soon all responsibility for understanding the user's TV will fall on the AI. Any, without exception, action aimed at controlling the device can be performed by voice:

  • Select the desired program or channel.
  • Launching the game console on which the selected game is installed.
  • Search for video content on the Internet.

Voice control is given the role of a fundamental element in the world of AI in modern TVs. With its help, access to the most diverse intellectual capabilities that are endowed with new gadgets will be provided. LG TVs plan to use an assistant a la Google.

It will allow not only switching channels at the request of the device owner, but also will choose the channel on which a particular film or show is broadcast in real time necessary for him. The assistant will provide more information related to what the viewer is watching.

When watching a movie, you can ask about the name of the actor shown on the screen. And for fans of sports, a TV will be given the opportunity to get additional statistics about the game or to get acquainted with the history of a particular player. And for this you do not have to go to a separate application.


Artificial intelligence will change TVs and television

What will be available for the TV with artificial intelligence:

  • Using voice to switch channels, adjust the volume and switch on a particular transmission. In a word, a replacement is coming, because this accessory has the property of being constantly lost.
  • Get more information about the program you are watching. This may be a position in the IMDB rating, and the total number of seasons, and much more. In fact, Wikipedia will be replaced with a more interesting option. So, the TV can be entrusted with finding all the information about a particular actor - his filmography, date of birth, growth characteristics of his acting skills.
  • At the same time as watching the match, you can get acquainted with the statistics of the playing teams and information for each player.
  • Improving the quality of the original image. To a greater extent, this applies to 8K-TVs from Samsung.
  • TV will actually become a worthy replacement for Amazon Alexa, allowing you to make purchases in the store, giving commands by voice, in the same way themed playlists on Spotify, as well as interesting videos on YouTube can be included. And this, not to mention the possibility of controlling the equipment of a smart home.

Watching a film dedicated, for example, to China, you can request the weather in this country at the moment. Moreover, the question can be asked in any form. Like this: “Will I have to wear a warm jacket in Beijing today?” That is, there is no need to use the word weather for the system to provide information about weather conditions in a particular place.

You can synchronize the TV with smart light bulbs throughout the house and ask him to dim the light slightly so that it does not interfere with the viewing of the program. It will be enough to turn to him with a request to turn on the video during a lesson on a stationary bike and this will be done. And to listen to some music, it will be enough to pronounce his name.

This may not seem very fantastic if you do not take into account the fact that AI will start any required process immediately, eliminating the device’s misunderstanding of almost any command.


Artificial Intelligence can convert 4K video to full 8K

Companies use artificial intelligence not only for interacting with users. So, representatives of Samsung said that, using the algorithm, they are going to improve the video with low quality. They consider it a matter of honor after the introduction of an 8K TV capable of reproducing large-format high-definition images. But to find such content today is not possible.

In order to compensate for this nuance, the developers of the company are going to develop a technology that will be able, using AI, to process ordinary HD-video, coupled with having a resolution of 4K, into a full-fledged 8K-video.

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