How do I convert Smart TV to Android TV?

How do I convert smart TV to Android TV?

Ratan Jain, Design Engineer at Cyient (2015-present)
Answered December 29, 2019

Great question! I have a decent experience in understanding Televisions and TV Technology. Before I answer the question straight ahead. I would like to talk about the difference between Smart TV & Android TVIt is very important to understand.

  • Smart Tv: An LED, OLED, QLED TV that is built with a Java-based operating system. This is a limited source development platform. Smart TV comes with a limited set of pre-installed applications such as Youtube, Web Explorer, Screen Cast, Skype..etc. Meanwhile, you can also download a very minimum number of applications from built-in AppStore.

Ex: LG WebOS, Samsung Tizen

  • Android TV: An LED, OLED, QLED TV that is built and run with Android Operating System. Since Android is an open-source platform, there are a lot of developers around the globe who can develop many applications for different and extensive usage purposes. Android TV does not act like a TV, But they act like a combination of Android Mobile and Television combined. We can download relevant applications of our users from the Google Play Store and start using it. The freedom of using a TV is very vast. There are very minimum limitations of application usage.

Ex: Sony Android Tv, Hisense Android TV, Vu Android TV, Ridaex Android TV, Mi Android TV

Answering The Question

If we have to convert Smart TV into Android TV, There is nothing that we could do by changing the internal motherboard of the Television.

The solution is always using External Android Device which will be connected to the TV Via HDMI Cable. There are a lot of Android Boxes available online today. One of the best Android Box is Nvidia Shield which is pretty expensive as its quality.

You can also find cheaper Android boxes fromĀ Amazon, But always make sure you buy a decent rated Android Box according to previous buyers. Buying a dead cheap android box will burn a hole in your pocket once in 3 months.

Note: I also would add a correction point to this answer from the reference of previously answered answers to this question.

Chromecast & Amazon Fires Stick will not convert your TV into Android Televisions. These are java-based external devices which have limited application capability. I can simply refer these as Smart TV Sticks instead of Android Devices.


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