4 Underrated Benefits of Using a VPN

4 Underrated Benefits of Using a VPN

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) goes beyond creating a secure connection for you over the Internet.

You can use it to protect your browsing activity over a public network, access region-restricted websites, or generally enjoy some privacy online. While you may know, how a VPN works and how it improves your privacy, you may not have knowledge of various other benefits this network provides. For your learning, here are the four most underrated uses/benefits of a VPN that will surely convince you to get this service:-

  1. Movie and Media Streaming

A VPN is especially useful for travelers wanting to stream movies and media while on the road or waiting for their flight. You can enjoy unlimited movies for a small fee when you subscribe to a movie streaming service. The problem arises when you can’t access services like Hulu and Netflix due to international streaming laws overseas. With a VPN, however, you can easily get around these restrictions and stream movies and media anywhere. You can set the VPN to any country the service is available and access movies and media without a hitch.

  1. Work on the Go

Business travelers find a VPN quite useful when they have to stay connected to their work while traveling. Your work files are highly confidential and you need to protect them from prying eyes at all times. Public Wi-Fi networks do not guarantee this protection and you never know in whose hands your official data might end up. With a reliable VPN service, you can stay connected to your company network continuously, and access your files without worrying about their security.

  1. Bypass Government Censorship

Some nations like China are heavily censored and don’t even allow you to access social media sites like TwitterFacebookInstagram, etc. Whether their strict Internet policies are fair or not is a separate debate altogether, but it does leave you helpless most of the time. If you find yourself in a situation like that and want to access restricted websites, a VPN is your best bet. You can easily bypass governmental censorship by using a good VPN service, and access blocked websites by using another country’s server through which they are accessible.

  1. Avoid Falling Victim to Geo-Pricing

Geo-pricing is the practice followed by businesses where they display modified prices based on a buyer’s geographical location. Let me give you an example. Browsing airline tickets online using your current location may not always show the best price. Travel companies use your location data to set different prices for tickets, and the same ticket can cost way less for a buyer in a different location. Through a VPN, you can trick these websites into believing you are in another location and might enjoy lower ticket prices.

  • Conclusion:

A VPN is an excellent tool with a plethora of uses and benefits. For optimum results, I suggest you opt for a paid VPN service as opposed to a free one. Free VPNs often do not work as promised, and you will likely face many performance issues and slowness before you find a good service. Carry in-depth research, read VPN reviews, and select the one that best suits you by weighing the pros and cons. Getting a reliable Virtual Private Network service can make your browsing so easy that you will wonder how you went without it until now.

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